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Rei Lynn
Country: Malaysia
DECISIVE BATTLE – Evangelion – Electone 

Hi! This is an electone orchestra cover of the Decisive Battle score from the hit anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, for fans of Evangelion.  Please enjoy! (?∇?)/    This is my first video in more to come, so looked forward to more! (⌒▽⌒)☆    ??? ABOUT ME ??? (ノ*?▽?*)  ? A geek at heart, am working full-time and do this for a hobby. Cosplay, creative cooking and sketching is in my list too. :D  ? I love music and performing on the electone and piano. My wish is to share and express my passion for anime/movies/game scores and soundtracks with all the fans around the world.  ? My dream to play in concerts and share music for FREE! (Still work in progress...orz)  ?  Do look forward to more upcoming arrangements and videos.  ?  I welcome collaborations with other musicians too. ~?(^∇^)    ? I appreciate comments and feedback for improvements! Gambarimasu~O(?∇?)O  ? Thanks so much for your support and votes. (?_?)  ? Please feel welcome to post your requests on my Facebook wall too.