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Rei Lynn
Country: Malaysia
DECISIVE BATTLE – Evangelion – Electone 

DECISIVE BATTLE orchestra,played on electone.   (I think the previous link wasn't working because I hosted it on Facebook! Gomen!!!)     Hi! This is an electone orchestra cover of the Decisive Battle score from the hit anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, for fans of Evangelion. Please enjoy!     This is my first video in more to come, so looked forward to more! (⌒▽⌒)☆    ABOUT ME (ノ*?▽?*)    A geek at heart, am working full-time and do this for a hobby. Cosplay, creative cooking and sketching is in my list too. :D    I love music and performing on the electone and piano. My wish is to share and express my passion for anime/movies/game scores and soundtracks with all the fans around the world.  My dream to play in concerts and share music for FREE! (Still work in progress...orz)  Do look forward to more upcoming arrangements and videos. I welcome collaborations with other musicians too. ~?(^∇^)    I appreciate comments and feedback for improvements! Gambarimasu~!