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Talk about you
Make me no longer understand
I don't understand
Do i spend time for you or you who spend my time?
When I'm blamed
I tried to talk that I was not wrong to the person who blamed me
As I recall, I never made it.
And when i succeed
I think in my mind
"Where do I get those words"
And when I realized, it was Anime, you made me good at talking and i got those word from you.
You make me know what i should do.
From you, I learned a few things
I learn, anger is the worst enemy.
I learn, life's better with friends.
I learn, love exist.
I learn, that we are the ones who make our adventure
I learn, nothing's impossible wich means everything is possible.
I learn, teamwork is essential.
I learn, anime confront our fears.
I learn, the world is ours for us to explore.
I learn, to always be prepared.
I learn, to always be the best.
Thank You Anime
If I was asked to state how much I love you, there may not be enough platfrom to express it.
Country: Indonesia
Can’t Understand Anymore