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Anisa Nada Suksmono
Country: Indonesia
Can’t I Have my Anime Life?

Hello I'm Anisa Nada! Here's my submission for Aniplus-Asia, Anime in my life Video competition.
I want to share my experience while doing my anime life, talking about experiences it's not always filled by good things. Today, I wanted to tell you how I'm struggling to defend the real me who truly in love with anime life. First, in my country there's a stigma if you're a doctor you will be a success, mostly parents will dictact their child to be a doctor and those childs who've cutted their wings have no choice rather than throw their hobbies. Second, if you don’t follow majority way of standard you’ll be labelled as weirdo, freak, weabo, and many more.
All of this time I try to seek for a real me, to whom I live? Why do I need to be like everyone else if I only seek for an attention? Who’s dream is this? My dream or others dream? Who’s live is this?
Today I survive from both of the problems. I’m a visual communication design student (my dream major! Yass!) Yet I still collecting nendos, cosplaying, drawing a fan made merchandise and sell them at event, and many more! I want to encourage those who’re terrified to live in anime life and I want to ask for an equation of degree between those who live in anime life and those who don’t.
Everyone laughing at me because I'm different, well I laugh back at them because they're all the same. Please enjoy the Video!