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Uta no Prince-sama Legend Star

Genre: Drama, Game, Music, Romance
Episodes: 13
Rated: Rated PG

Fourth season of Uta no Prince Sama. Raging Entertainment's HEAVENS idol group had hijacked the competition for who will open the Triple S international sporting event between QUARTET NIGHT and STARISH, causing chaos. However, after the QUARTET NIGHT members suggest a certain idea, the three groups aim toward a new stage, with HEAVENS swearing to get their revenge on the other two groups.


#1 Turning Dreams into Music!


#3 Might Aura

#4 Justice Impluse

#5 Visible Elf

#6 Lovely Eyes

#7 Grown Empathy

#8 Lasting Oneness


#10 We Believe You

#11 Future, Dreams, Thank You… and!

#12 Three Shining Stars



Nanami Haruka

Nanami is the new composer of Shining Entertainment. She understands the voices of all ST☆RISH members perfectly and composes songs for them to draw their charms out. She is very optimistic and strong.

Ittoki Otoya

An innocent, cheerful, and positive man. He has a soulful voice. When he was a child, he was encouraged by music. It led him to aim to become an idol.

Kurusu Sho

He decided to become an idol because his role model is Hyuuga Ryuya. Although he is short and has a baby face, he is very mature and masculine and he takes good care of his team members. His trademark is his hat. He is very athletic and good at dancing.

Shinomiya Natsuki

He is very gentle and carefree. He sings best among his team members since his voice stands out most. He is a gifted musician. His hobby is cooking. When he takes off his glasses, another personality named Satsuki appears.

Ichinose Tokiya

He was already popular as a singer named HAYATO but he decided to join ST☆RISH after he met his team members in Saotome School. He is very experienced, and has a vast amount of knowledge, outstanding dancing skill, and singing ability.

Hijirikawa Masato

He is serious and sincere. He plays the piano well. He received a strict upbringing; thus, he is polite and has luxurious tastes. He has a soft, clear voice. After his debut as an idol, he tried to become an actor.

Jinguji Ren

He is the young master of the Jinguji family. He inhertited his musical talents from his mom who was an artist. His passionate and sexy performances are popular.

Aijima Cecil

He is the prince of Agunapalace, the world of muse who is the god of music. He has been attracted to Haruka's musical talents and appeared in front of Haruka once again. He joined the master course with the members of ST☆RISH.

Kotobuki Reiji

He seems to be imprudent sometimes but he's very serious when it comes to work and cares about his colleagues and juniors. He appears in dramas, variety shows, radio shows and on stage too.

Kurosaki Ranmaru

He used to be in a band but got scouted by Shining after it got disbanded. He is loved because of his artless way of talking and behaviour which is unlike what is expected of an idol.

Mikaze Ai

He has a beautiful and mysterious kind of atmosphere. He doesn't talk much and never expresses his emotions, but he is perfect in singing and dancing. He's keeping one big secret.


He's a young grand duke from the eternal frost land, Silk Palace. With his dignity and elegance, he earns the absolute love from the fans.

Ootori Eiichi

The son of Raging Ootori, and the leader of HE★VENS. He has absolute confidence in HE★VENS and the individual members, and will tend to show a predilection for things that he's interested in.

Sumeragi Kira

He is born into the historical and prestigious Sumeragi family. He doesn't talk much, however, he strangely has a large presence, and his beautiful looks and charisma makes his popular.

Mikado Nagi

A genius and a person who is familiar with his own charms. An idol = a job that captures the hearts of others, he started his idol activities due to being drawn to such an environment.

Ootori Eiji

Being always calm and natural, the native atmosphere around him does not make him seem like an idol at first glace. However, he has high potention in dancing and singing. He is Eiichi's younger brother.

Kiryuuin Van

He goes according to his sense and feelings. No matter what, things that he likes and wants to do will come first. Not being bounded by his surroundings, he is the type that will say what he thinks without going around the bush.

Hyuuga Yamato

He has a high athletic ability and physique, and has an easily angered temperment. The second son of the Hyuuga family, he is the younger brother of Hyuuga Ryuuya, but has a feeling of opposition against his brother.

Amakusa Shion

He usually has a weak sense of presence, and speaks in phrases that are difficult to be understood by others. However, he can unleash a high level of performance power almost instantaneously. With no doubt, he loves HEAVENS greatly.


Kurahana Chinatsu and Mori Mitsue

Takeshi Furuta

Artists Voice
Sawashiro Miyuki as Nanami Haruka; Terashima Takuma as Ittoki Otoya; Shimono Hiro as Kurusu Sho; Taniyama Kisho as Shinomiya Natsuki; Miyano Mamoru as Ichinose Tokiya; Suzumura Kenichi as Hijirikawa Masato; Suwabe Junichi as Jinguji Ren; Toriumi Kousuke as Aijima Cecil; Morikubo Shoutaro as Kotobuki Reiji; Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Kurosaki Ranmaru; Aoi Shouta as Mikaze Ai; Maeno Tomoaki as Camus; Midorikawa Hikaru as Ootori Eiichi; Ono Daisuke as Sumeragi Kira; Yonaga Tsubasa as Mikado Nagi; Uchida Yuuma as Ootori Eiji; Takahashi Hidenori as Kiryuuin Van; Kimura Ryouhei as Hyuuga Yamato; Yamashita Daiki as Amakusa Shion

Artists Opening
"Tempest" by Miyano Mamoru

Artists Ending
"Maji Love Legend Star" by ST☆RISH


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Ainplus po


i really love this series not just in the anime, but also the talented seiyuus…i hope it will replay this series in the TV and also promotion in their incoming movie on June 14 in Japan screening T-T

*I wish they have also movie screening among southeast asian countries T-T”

thank you for this amazing new animes in your channel station 😀


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