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The Vampire dies in no time 2

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

After their many incidents together, vampire hunter Ronald and super small-fry vampire Draluc become a duo, along with the beloved armadillo John. On top of a new killer at Autumn Books and the nightly comedic happenings, familiar weirdoes and idiots come together, turning Draluc into dust! Will Ronald be able to protect the peace in Shin-Yokohama against the populating vampires?!

New Episodes on MONs, 21:30 [20:30 id/th]
Encores on TUEs, 18:00 & 22:30 [17:00 & 21:30 id/th]

©Itaru Bonnoki (AKITASHOTEN)/ The Vampire dies in no time2


#1 Draluc and Friends Set Out on Their Own and Fail

#2 From Tokyo to Neo-Bayside

#3 Lovecall of Sanzu

#4 Good Mother, Goodbye Summer

#5 Next and Last Stop, Dark Shin-Yokohama

#6 The Crunch Time March

#7 Put a Sock in It!

#8 Mega–Nudie

#9 Bubuoland, the Dream Kingdom

#10 Little Little Concerto

#11 Please Say We Should Warm Up

#12 Shin-Yokohama’s Merry Idiots, Special Ver.


Ronald (CV: Makoto Furukawa)

A vampire hunter.

In search of missing children, he sneaks into Draluc's castle to exterminate him, but…

Draluc (CV: Jun Fukuyama)

An invincible vampire.

Feared as the most formidable vampire. However, his true form is…

John (CV: Mutsumi Tamura)

John is Draluc's loyal armadillo familiar. Squeals like "Nuu." Loved by everyone for his adorable reactions.

Hinaichi (CV: Natsumi Hioka)

Member of the Kanagawa Police - Vampire Countermeasure Department. Despite her petite size, she is the capable, Vice-Captain the department. Apart from her serious personality, she has her goofy moments.

Hanta To (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)

Member of the Kanagawa Police - Vampire Countermeasure Department. A half-vampire. For some reason, he has a one-sided rivalry against Ronald.

Fukuma (CV: Shunichi Toki)

The young but talented editor of Autumn Bookstore.
Is in charge of "Ronald's War History."


Original Author
Itaru Bonnoki

Animation Studio

Hiroshi Kojina

Series Composition
Yukie Sugawara

Artists Voice
Makoto Furukawa as Ronald
Jun Fukuyama as Draluc
Mutsumi Tamura as John

Artists Opening
"NEW DRAMA PARADISE" by Jun Fukuyama

Artists Ending
"Cozy Crazy PARTY!" by TRD


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