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Genre: Sci-fi
Episodes: 12
Rated: Rated 13

In NEOTOKYO in the year G.C.0051, humans have known of aliens for the last 50 years and obtained super light-speed navigation technology and formed a commonwealth of planets. Self-proclaimed freelance reporter Robby Yarge loses his job, his girlfriend, and almost his life. Debt collectors are after him. One day, Robby gets robbed and a young man helps him. He turns out to be Hatchi Kita, an 18-year-old debt collector, working for the loan shark Yang. A cat-and-mouse chase begins, and Yang takes his subordinates Allo and Gras along for the ride.


#1 Journey to the Star

#2 Truth from an Octopus

#3 Pluto’s Planetary Problems

#4 Fishing a Half-Mermaid

#5 The Don’s the Best Lawyer in Hell

#6 A Bolt from the Eel

#7 Who Knows What the Magic Kingdom Holds

#8 May the Best Robot Win

#9 The Master Likes Hizakuriger

#10 No One Likes a Buddy Fight

#11 Heard As Paradise, Isekandar

#12 Moon Dreams, Earth Dreams


Robby Yarge

A good for nothing man in his thirties. Although he has the looks and a good personality, he is a disappointment for a middle-aged man. He leads a dissipated life, but is surprisingly well-educated an comes from a rich family. However, he faced objections from his parents for his upstart hobby, thus he traveled to NEOTOKYO in his teens. He is always trying to get rich quickly, only to be deceived or getting chased by debt collectors due to a moment of misfortune. In any case, he is weak against beautiful women.

Hatchi Kita

18 years old. A talented person who is intelligent, athletic and cool. He traveled to NEOTOKYO in search of things that are interesting. However, life is not as amusing as he could predict how things will turn out around him. He works as a part-time debt collector, hoping that one day something out of his prediction will happen to him.

JPS-19 (Ikku)

Robby's household robot. His name is actually JPS-19, but normally known as Ikku. Although Ikku looks cute on the outside, he has a vicious tongue. He also likes to make a fool out of Robby.


The president of Yang's Finance, but is actually a loan shark. He has a unique sense of fashion and beauty. He has a burning obsession to track down Robby, who he lent money to. Strawberry milk candy is one of his favourite things.


An employee of Yang's Finance, but is actually just a follower. His charm point is his blonde duck-tail hairdo. Allo reveres and respect Yan very much and is willing to go through anything for his sake.


Another employee of Yang's Finance, and his second follower. His charm point is his pink afro. An idio who is unable to follow through things to the end. He also likes to parrot what Allo said.


Yuko Yahiro

Shinji Takamatsu

Artists Voice
Kazuya Nakai as Robby Yarge; Keisuke Komoto as Hatchi Kita; Tomokazu Sugita as Yang; Subaru Kimura as Allo; Shinnosuke Tokudome as Gras

Artists Opening
"Tensai no Playlist" by Hatchi feat.Robby

Artists Ending
"Dancing to Night ~Kimi e no Saidan Warp Kouro~" by Allo&Gras feat.Yang


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