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Record of Grancrest War

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Episodes: 24
Rated: Rated 16

A lone mage named Siluca and a vagrant knight named Theo make an oath as master and retainer, with hopes of bringing reform to a land riddled with war and chaos.



Theo Cornaro

A young Lord who continues on his travels in order to free his oppressed hometown from tyranny. Though the Crest on his right hand is still relatively insignificant, it was shaped by Theo's very own powers. He answers to no one and serves nobody. His powers as a Lord is far from polished, but he has a strong sense of justice and fights for the weak.

Siluca Meletes

A genius mage who graduated from the Univeristy of Magic at a young age. Siluca possesses a myriad of knowledge and skills not only in magic, but also in foreign diplomacy, politics, warfare and more, which will provide support to the Lord. Siluca lost faith in Lords who fought for wealth and power amongst themselves. However, crossing paths with Theo led to Siluca becoming his contracted Mage against his will.


A remarkable footman and Artist who began serving Siluca after a certain incident. A superhuman who excels in everything and anything from chores and etiquette to spying, assassination and combat.


Siluca's elder sister and also a mercenary solder who is skillful with pole weapons. A glamorous beauty who is wild and free-spirited, as opposed to Siluca who tends to be logical and an idealist. She dotes on Siluca. Mages have a practice of adopting and nurturing those who display potential in becoming a Mage; Aishela and Siluca are not related by blood.


A priestess from the Crest Order who came looking for Theo after hearing about his reputation. An unassuming girl who does not discriminate and is gentle to all. She is actually very well-endowed under her clothing. The Crest Order is a religious group which has, in recent years, increased their number of believers and expanded their influence and power. They believe that the Crest is bestowed upon by God.

Lassic David

A brave, young Lord filled with ambition. His territory is small, but his skills with swords makes him stand out amongst the other Lords. Lassic's solders are well-trained and powerful, though small in numbers. He also ropes in powerful Artists under him as mercenaries.

Moreno Dortous

Lassic's contract Mage and Siluca's senior during their university days. A gentle-looking man who leaves very little impression, but is one of the best Mages around and who is also outstanding with swords.

Margaret Odeus

One of Villar's contract Mages who excels in fire magic. A gorgeous lady who is in the position of Mage chief, Margaret also deeply adores Villar.

Villar Constance

A powerful Earl who governs over the territory of east of Altirk. There are rumors that he only contracts Mages who are beautiful female students from the University of Magic. Accounts of him terminating contracts with those who hit 25 years old and then contracting with new university students have led him to be called the "Lecherous Earl".


Miyuu, Fantasia Bunko (KADOKAWA)

Mamoru Hatakeyama

Artists Voice
Kentaro Kumagai as Theo Cornaro; Akira Kito as Siluca Meletes; Yuichi Nakamura as Irvin; Reina Ueda as Aishela; Natsumi Takamori as Priscilla; Satoshi Hino as Lassic David; Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Moreno Dortous; Yuhko Kaida as Margaret Odeus; Takahiro Sakurai as Villar Constance

Artists Opening
"starry" by Ayano Mashiro

Artists Ending


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