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Genre: Fantasy, Game, Romance
Episodes: 13
Rated: Rated PG

Guided by one particular song, young elementary-schooler Suzuhara Sorata, from the Heisei Era, is warped through a time skip to an unfamiliar place that looks much like the towns from the Meiji or Taisho period from his textbooks. In this world, he meets three young ladies and nine young men and joins them on a journey aboard the mysterious Norn ship, a giant globe that floats in midair.




She doesn't remember her own name because people have mocked and called her a monster. The name 'Koharu' was given to her by an unknown man who turned out to be Kakeru's father.

Yuiga Kakeru

A natural sadist and he treats Senri like his 'Toy'. Some of the crew members think of him as a great tactician but some others think of him as mean…

Ichinose Senri

He is a hikikomori and has the ability to use water …

Touya Masamune

His ability is to look into someone's past just by touching them using his right arm.

Kuga Mikoto

A beautiful, long black-haired girl who is calm and mature. She has a strong sense in responsibility and taking care of others. Being orn into a noble family, Mikoto was raised by those around her with great care. She was raised to believe that her power is a precious gift from God, making her very proud of her ability.

Azuma Natsuhiko

A handsome young man whose very cold and unemotional and never raises his voice. He was a scientist, but is a weapon dealer now. He is the descendant of one of the people who created Aion. He opposes 'Reset' because he thinks that they are abusing science and all the other researches will get destroyed...


Takeuchi Yukari

Abo Takao

Artists Voice
Fujimura Ayumi as Koharu; Kaji Yuki as Yuiga Kakeru; Shinomo Hiro as Ichinose Senri; Satou Takuya as Touya Masamune; Takagaki Ayahi as Kuga Mikoto; Ono Daisuke as Azuma Natsuhiko

Artists Opening
"Kazakiri" by Yanagi Nagi

Artists Ending
"Vid en Horisont" by Maria Andersson


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