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Genre: Drama, Sci-fi
Episodes: 12
Rated: Rated 16

Agata Katsuhira, a high schooler unable to feel any pain, is chosen to become one of a group of people who share one another's pain. This group of people are known as Kiznaivers.

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Agata Katsuhira

A tall, slim boy who is indifferent to most situations. He is emotionless and he has no sense of pain. As such, he has troubles forming connections with other despite wanting to do so.

Sonozaki Noriko

A girl who has little emotions similar to Katsuhira, she is the person who brought the 7 Kiznaivers together. She oversees the Kizuna program and is in charge of the 7 Kiznaivers.

Tenga Hajime

A delinquent who is one of the Kiznaivers. He is physically strong but also impulsive and rowdy.

Takashiro Chidori

A caring girl who is Katsuhira's childhood friend. She is one of the Kiznaivers

Maki Honoka

A bespectacled girl who was made to become a Kiznaiver. She is cold and rejects the other Kiznaivers at the start.

Niiyama Nico

A small girl from a wealthy family. Sheis bright and energetic, and usually reacts dramtically to new things.

Yuta Tsuguhito

An opportunistic young man with a sly-looking face, Tsuguhito is one of the 7 Kiznaivers. He is extremely embarrassed about his past chubbiness, and takes to great extents to hide it.

Hisomu Yoshiharu

Yoshiharu is an eccentric teen, he is handsome yet masochistic, unnerving the other Kiznaivers with his strange tendencies.


Kobayashi Hiroshi

Artists Voice
Kaji Yuuki as Agata Katsuhira; Yamamura Hibiku as Sonozaki Noriko; Maeno Tomoaki as Tenga Hajime; Terasaki Yuka as Takashiro Chidori; Satou Rina as Maki Honoka; Kuno Misaki as Niiyama Nico; Shimazaki Nobunaga as Yuta Tsuguhito; Nishiyama Koutarou as Hisomu Yoshiharu

Artists Opening

Artists Ending
"Hajimari no Sokudo" by Sangatsu no Phantasia


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