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Kemono Friends

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Game
Episodes: 12
Rated: Rated PG

The story takes place in Japari Park, an enormous integrated zoo built somewhere in this world. A mysterious substance found there, called "Sand Star," causes the animals to turn into humanoid beings called "Animal Girls"! These new creatures spend every day peacefully with the zoo's visitors... but after some time, a lost child turns up in the park. The child's attempt to find the way home turns into a great adventure with the Animal Girls!

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A young girl who finds herself in Japari Park with no memory of who she is or where she comes from. Named by Serval due to the backpack she carries (kaban meaning bag). Shy yet resourceful, she travels through Japari Park along with Serval to find out her identity while encountering more Friends along the way.


A serval cat Friend originally from the Savannah Area of Japari Park. She is the first friend to meet Kaban, eager to journey with her in the search for her identity. Energetic and curious, Serval is often amazed by the skills and talents of Kaban and the Friends they encounter on their journey.

Common Raccoon

A raccoon is who is chasing after Kaban and Serval, believing that she stole something from her.


A fennec fox who accompanies Raccoon as she pursues Kaban and Serval.


Yoshizaki Mine


Artists Voice
Uchida Aya as Kaban; Ozaki Yuka as Serval; Ono Saki as Common Raccoon; Motomiya Kana as Fennec

Artists Opening
"Yōkoso Japari Park e" by Dōbutsu Biscuits×PPP

Artists Ending
"Boku no Friend" by Mewhan


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