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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? OVA

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Episodes: 1
Rated: Rated 13

On their return from defeating the powerful monster in the 18th floor, Bell and his fellow adventurers accidentally uncover a hidden, mystical hot spring. Everyone is enjoying the refreshing water until creatures lurking in the dark come forth and want them gone.


#1 Special


Bell Cranel

A young teenager with white hair and red eyes. Wears light armour and uses a small blade. He is very kind yet shy and cares deeply for the people around him especially his goddess, Hestia. After hearing many stories about the heroes of Orario, he aspired to be an adventurer.


A petite goddess who is energetic and kind. She is a hard worker, and works jobs to support Bell and herself as he ventures into the dungeon.

Aiz Wallenstein

Aiz Wallenstein is a beautiful and powerful swordswoman of level 5. She is a member of Loki Familia and nicknamed the Sword Princess by the gods. Many adventurers admire her beauty and skills, and Bell is one of them.

Liliruca Arde

Liliruca Arde or "Lilly" for short, is a porter who supports and accompanies adventurers to transport the loot. Originally a member of the Soma Familia, she introduces herself to Bell as a "chienthrope" (dog person), complete with animal ears.

Welf Crozz

Welf Crozzo is a 17-year-old smith who is a member of Hephaistos' Familia. He is from the Crozzo family that can create magic swords. By the merest chance, Welf becomes Bell's friend and forms a party with him.


Yasuda Suzuhito

Yamakawa Yoshiki

Artists Voice
Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as Bell Cranel; Minase Inori as Hestia; Oonishi Saori as Aiz Wallenstein; Uchida Maaya as Liliruca Arde; Hosoya Yoshimasa as Welf Crozzo

Artists Opening
"Hey World" by Iguchi Yuka

Artists Ending
"Kimi to Boku no 1-nichi (君とボクの1日)" by Minase Inori


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why cannot play??


JC Staff please take your time on making this Original Video Animation.


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