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Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Episodes: 12
Rated: Rated 16

Shimazu Toyohisa, a famous samurai who fought in the historical Battle of Sekigahara, is transported to another world when only moments from death. From that moment on, he becomes part of a group known as “Drifters” and is forced to battle against other legendary warriors in an ultimate death game.


#1 Fight Song

#2 Footsteps

#3 Army of Ours-Sortie at Dawn

#4 Active Heart

#5 Bring Back Love

#6 Men of Destiny

#7 Chaos Driver

#8 Mystery – Call Me

#9 Serious Bomber

#10 Baba Yetu

#11 The Adventures of Daimyou ~Bullet Counting Song~

#12 Staring at Shinsengumi ~The Song of the Fervid Kyūshū Man~


Toyohisa Shimazu

The main protagonist and leader of the Drifters. When he first arrived in the new world, he was critically injured, only to be brought to Nobunaga and Yoichi's hideout by the young elves. Toyohisa possesses a fearless, determined, and chivalrous spirit. He uses a large blade known as a nodachi, and a smaller Japanese blade known as a wakizashi.

Oda Nobunaga

A famous warlord who conquered most of Japan during the Sengoku period. He is known for being the daimyou who took the first step in the unification of Japan, and the first Japanese military commander to utilise arquebuses in battles. Nobunaga is highly ambitious and cunning, desiring to establish a multiracial federation in the new world.

Nasu no Yoichi

Born as the youngest of eleven siblings, Youichi is a powerful warrior and military commander who served Minamoto no Yoshitsune during the Genpei War. Youchi acts as the group's archer, killing fleeing enemies.

Black King

The leader of the Ends. He claims that he once tried to "save humans, but he has since shifted his agenda towards non-humans after humans "denied" his efforts. His ultimate goal is to eradicate all humans and create a new civilisation of non-humans in a perpetual Dark Age.

Hijikata Toshizou

The former vice-commander of the Shinsengumi who died fighting in the name of the Tokugawa Bakufu during the Boshin War. Hijikata has the ability to use smoke to manifest ghostly images of members of the Shinsengumi and uses them to cut apart his enemies.


A bespectacled man who is apparently the one responsible for the appearance of the Drifters, using them as a means to right the wrong of the Ends' conquest of the unknown world and allowing the Drifters to find some form of redemption for their crimes on Earth.


Apparenty at odds with Murasaki, she is responsible for the Ends, an opposing force similar in origin to the Drifters. She primarily uses her laptop to keep tabs on the battles taking place in the other world. In the corridor, she is associated with and accompanied by darkness.


Nakamori Ryouji

Suzuki Kenichi

Artists Voice
Nakamura Yuuichi as Shimazu Toyohisa; Uchida Naoya as Oda Nobunaga; Saiga Mitsuki as Nasu no Yoichi; Kusunoki Taiten as Black King; Yasumoto Hiroki as Hijikaza Toshizou; Miyamoto Mitsuru as Murasaki; Itou Kanae as EASY

Artists Opening
"Gospel Of The Throttle __REMIX ver." by Minutes Til Midnight

Artists Ending
"Vermillion" by Kurosaki Maon


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cool anime




Finished season 1. hope to watch season 2 soon.


Drifters vs One Punch Man


How to watch? Its says “not available in your region”.. I’m from Philippines.
Please help. Thanks.


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