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Diabolik Lovers More,Blood

Genre: Fantasy, Game, Romance
Episodes: 12
Rated: Rated 13

Komori Yui may (or may not) have attained vampire status, but due to her inexplicable links to the Sakamaki clan her life remains somewhat unchanged. Yet troubled by new dreams and apparitions mentioning a mysterious "Eve," Yui's life is suddenly once again turned upside down.


#1 Episode 13

#2 Episode 14

#3 Episode 15

#4 Episode 16

#5 Episode 17

#6 Episode 18

#7 Episode 19

#8 Episode 20

#9 Episode 21

#10 Episode 22

#11 Episode 23

#12 Episode 24


Sakamaki Shuu

Eldest son of the Sakamaki household, son of Beatrice and Karlheinz. Lazy and apathetic and loves nothing but music.

Sakamaki Reiji

Second son of the Sakamaki household, son of Beatrice and Karlheinz. Reiji is strict and sadistic, and takes care of the household in the place of his lazy elder brother.

Sakamaki Ayato

Third son and child of Cordelia and Karlheinz, eldest of the triplets with Kanato and Laito. A mischevious and narcissitic person who tries to be the best in everything.

Sakamaki Kanato

The fourth son and child of Cordelia and Karlheinz, he is also the middle child of the triplets of himself, Ayato and Laito. He is mentally unstable and child-like.

Sakamaki Laito

Fifth child of the household, son of Cordelia and Karlheinz. He is perverted and sadistic and is rude to most around him.

Sakamaki Subaru

The sixth and youngest child of the household, he is the son of the third bride of Karlheinz, Christa. He is violent and sadistic, and does not get along with any of his brothers.

Mukami Ruki

Eldest of the Mukami brothers, he is the "brains" of the brothers.

Mukami Kou

The second eldest of the Mukami brothers. Works as an idol in the human world, and is sadistic.

Mukami Yuuma

The third eldest in the brothers. He is violent and perverted and often goes on rampages.

Mukami Azusa

The youngest of the brothers. Is clingy, faint-hearted yet sadistic and masochistic.

Komori Yui

A normal girl who is sent by her father to the Sakamaki household. She is good-natured and sweet and remains strong despite the situation she is in.


Yahiro Yuuko

Tagashira Shinobu

Artists Voice
Suegara Rie as Komori Yui; Toriumi Kousuke as Sakamaki Shuu; Konishi Katsuyuki as Sakamaki Reiji; Midorikawa Hikaru as Sakamaki Ayato; Kaji Yuuki as Sakamaki Kanato; Hirakawa Daisuke as Sakamaki Laito; Kondou Takashi as Sakamaki Subaru; Sakurai Takahiro as Mukami Ruki; Kimura Ryouhei as Mukami Kou; Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Mukami Yuuma; Kishio Daisuke as Mukami Azusa

Artists Opening
"Kindan no 666" by Kimura Ryouhei and Kishio Daisuke

Artists Ending
"nightmare-2" by Hayashi Yuuki


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Bangsy Yoshioka

i really love this series even its soo lots og bloody scene,but still love this kind of genre


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