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Boogiepop and Others

Genre: Suspense, Thriller
Episodes: TBC

Rated: Rated 16

There is an Angel of Death known as Boogiepop who releases people from their pain and suffering. A spate of disappearances occurs at Shinyo Academy. Is it Boogiepop, or something more sinister?

Premiere: 04 Jan, FRIs 23:00 [22:00 id/th]
New Episodes: FRIs, 23:00 [22:00 id/th]
Encore: FRIs, 20:00 [19:00 id/th]
Schedule may change without prior notice.

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[Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh]
A being that takes over Touka Miyashita, a high school student, when the "World Crisis" approaches. It's rumored that 'at a person's most flourished moment, they will kill them before their soul becomes tainted'.

Touka Miyashita

[Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh]
A female student of Shinyo Academy. An honest and bright normal high school student. However, when the "World Crisis" approaches, Boogiepop's personality will emerge, and her memory of the period of time will disappear. She is dating her upperclassman, Keiji Takeda.

Nagi Kirima

[Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh]
A female student of Shinyo Academy who claims that she's the "Defender of Justice". From her atmosphere, the people around her started to call her "The Fire Witch". She has a high combat ability, and is able to come across people with special abilities.

Kazuko Suema

[Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh]
Nagi's classmate and Touka's good friend. Due to a past experience of being targeted by a serial killer, the accident left her being highly interested in criminal psychology. So much that her expertise gained her the nickname "Professor Murderer". She is an avid fan of Nagi's father, Seiichi Kirima.

Keiji Takeda

[Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh]
A third year high school student at Shinyo Academy. As he has already been hired by a design company, and for that reason, he has been floating around. He slowly forms a friendship with Boogiepop after they met.

Kei Niitoki

[Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh]
A female high school student at Shinyo Academy who is also the Committee Chairperson. As she is always working with Keiji Takeda in the same committee, she came to care about him. Due to her personality of being unable to say 'no' to requests, she becomes entangled with the incidents happening around the school ......

Naoko Kamikishiro

[Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh]
A third year high school student at Shinyo Academy. Due to her flashy appearance, she doesn't have many friends of the same gender. However, she is also a friend of Nagi Kirima, who doesn't have many friends. She is dating her underclassman, Shiro Tanaka. One of the few people who can communicate with the mysterious person "Echoes".

Masami Saotome

[Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh]
A very ordinary boy who doesn't leave much impression on others. On the other hand, he is good at gathering groups, and he is surprisingly also in a one-sided love with Nagi Kirima. However, what is under his ordinary look is ......

Shiro Tanaka

[Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh]
A first year in the Japanese Archery Club. He was confessed to by upperclassman Kamishiro, and started to date her. According to Kamishiro, his stance when he is doing Japanese Archery is really cool. Due to his serious character, he is quite troubled with a flashy girlfriend.

Minako Yurihara

[Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh]
A second year student at Shinyo Academy, and a genius who is talented enough to compete with students from other schools and preparatory classes. However, she is not just brains. Her beauty is also outstanding enough to be a topic in the classrooms. Due to her popularity, people around her only looks at her back from a distance, but her real form is ......


[Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh]
While he was wandering around the streets, he was saved by Kamikishiro who was passing by by chance. Injured and dressed shabbily, he can only speak by using what has been spoken by others. Without using words, he told Kamikishiro that he is called "Echoes".

Masaki Taniguchi

[VS Imaginator]
Kirima's step brother. He came back to Japan before the high school examinations. He was saved by Orihata from the delinquents that dislikes him, and they fell in love at first sight. Though he doesn't look like it, he is good at martial arts, that even Nagi recognises it.

Aya Orihata

[VS Imaginator]
The girl that saved Masaki when he was in a plight. However, by saving him, the damage to herself is high as well. Although she seems to have no feelings at first, she is slowly warmed by Masaki and displays human feelings. However, she has a secret that she cannot tell anyone ......

Jin Asukai

[VS Imaginator]
He is able to see people's heart through plants and flowers. He is a young and talented artist, and also a cram school teacher for high school students. Deep in despair due to his abilities, the 'Imaginator' hands him an invitation …...

Anou Shinjiro

[VS Imaginator]
A normal student. After meeting Masaki Taniguchi, he is engulfed in feelings that he doesn't understand, thus starting his obsession over him.

Kotoe Kinukawa

[VS Imaginator]
She refers Jin Asukai as an older brother, who is her relative. At one point of time, she realises that Asukai has changed and she couldn't understand what he is thinking, resulting in her being very concerned about him.

Spooky E

[VS Imaginator]
A giant who has a round and fat body, with long and skinny arms and legs. Apparently he has done many dubious experiments, and his real identity is …...

Minahoshi Suiko

[VS Imaginator]
A female student from Shinyou Academy who commited suicide. She is the existance that Boogiepop calls the "World's Enemy", and Nagi Kirima's father calls her the "Imaginator". Although she is dead, her phantom continues to affect the world.


Artists Opening
"shadowgraph" by MYTH&ROID

Artists Ending
"Whiteout" by Riko Azuna

Artists Voice
Aoi Yuuki as Boogiepop & Touka Miyashita; Saori Onishi as Nagi Kirima; Reina Kondo as Kazuko Suema; Chiaki Kobayashi as Keiji Takeda; Shino Shimoji as Kei Niitoki; Ayaka Suwa as Naoko Kamikishiro; Junya Enoki as Masami Saotome; Aoi Ichikawa as Shiro Tanaka; Ayana Taketatsu as Minako Yurihara; Kouki Miyata as Echoes

Natsume Shingo

Ogata, Kouji & Sawada Hidehiko


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