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B-PROJECT -Zeccho*Emotion-

Genre: Music, Reverse Harem
Episodes: 12
Rated: Rated PG

Tsubasa Sumisora works as an A&R for major record company Gandala Music. Together with B-PROJECT, she has beaten the odds to reach the JAPAN Dome Live show! What awaits Tsubasa, Kitakore, THRIVE, KiLLER KiNG and MooNs?

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Tomohisa Kitakado

A gentle romanticist. A typical prince-type that has been raised by a wealthy family. He is warm and skillful person, but sometimes he lacks common sense.

Ryuji Korekuni

A shy and temperamental little devil. He is easily mistaken as a woman due to his appearance. He loves sweet snacks, Chuppa Charos is a regular item he eats.

Goshi Kaneshiro

His thoughts as an artist is strong, particularly since he came back to Japan from abroad.
Because he feels strongly for music, he is stubborn and doesn't conform.
His special skill is playing the guitar and English.

Yuta Ashu

Naive. A kind and my-paced person with a healing atmosphere. He is able to socialise with anyone. He has a bad sense of direction.

Kento Aizome

A prideful narcissist. He has a playboy personality, thus whenever he meets a woman, he will approach them with a greeting. He is very concerned about his bangs.

Kazuna Masunaga

A hardworking perfectionist. He is warm, gentle, and cooperative, like an honor student. He is the one that coordinates things within MooNs.

Momotaro Onzai

A cool boy who is raised in the city. Because of emotionless expression, he is often misunderstood. However he holds onto his promises. He has a strong sixth sense, being able to see spirits from time to time.

Hikaru Osari

The team's mood maker and and in-charged of fan service. His communication skills is high, thus he is often the spokesperson. Although he can be seen as optimistic, in another sense his sense of danger is also low.

Tatsuhiro Nome

A serious and passionate young man. He has no immunity against women. He is good at sports and he specialises in swordsmanship.

Mikado Sekimura

He looks like an intellect, however he is truly an otaku who loves 2D characters. He especially loves "Magical Girl Mamirin", however he hides it when he's at work.

Yuzuki Teramitsu

Haruhi's older twin brother. He has a quiet and mysterious atmosphere around him. He has a little of a complex about his pretty face.

Haruhi Teramitsu

Yuzuki's younger twin brother. A complete opposite from his older brother Yuzuki, he has a bright personality. He likes himself a lot, but he likes his older brother even more.

Akane Fudo

Once he thinks of something, he is very quick to act on it. He has a very positive outlook on things and people are drawn to him like a leader. Although he has a cute look, he is very manly. He is childhood friends with Miroku.

Miroku Shingari

He is blessed with a good look, and he is also athletic. He is born to be an idol. Once he decided to do something, he will aim for it with all his might. He aims to be top of the industry with his stoic look. He has a muscle fetish and also a a muscle idiot.

Tsubasa Sumisora

A&R for Gandara Music. She looks forward to the future brightly. She is true to herself and does everything to the best of her ability.


Utako Yukihiro & Toshie Kawamura

Makoto Moriwaki

Artists Voice
Daisuke Ono as Tomohisa Kitakado; Daisuke Kishio as Ryuji Korekuni; Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Goshi Kaneshiro; Natsuki Hanae as Yuta Ashu; Kazuki Kato as Kento Aizome; Yuto Uemura as Kazuna Masunaga; Tetsuya Kakihara as Momotaro Onzai; Showtaro Morikuba as Hikaru Osari; Genki Okawa as Tatsuhiro Nome; Toshiki Masuda as Mikado Sekimura; Kotaro Nishiyama as Yuzuki Teramitsu; Taku Yashiro as Haruhi Teramitsu; Shoya Chiba as Akane Fudo; Takuya Eguchi as Miroku Shingari; Asami Seto as Tsubasa Sumisora

Artists Opening
"Zecchou*Emotion" by B-PROJECT

Artists Ending
"Hikari to Kage no Toki Musubu" by B-PROJECT


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