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Assassins Pride

Genre: Action, Fantasy
Episodes: 12 Episodes
Rated: Rated 16

In the world where aristocrats are obligated to protect mankind by fighting monsters, Melida Angel has no abilities. Kufa Vampir is assigned to her, but as her tutor or her assassin?


#1 An Assassin’s Pride

#2 The Moment Her World Changed

#3 Beyond the Critical Point

#4 The Ladies Assemble at the Sealed Castle

#5 The Gold Princess and the Silver Princess

#6 The Grey Witch

#7 Up from Down from Forwards

#8 The Testament of a Skeleton

#9 An Eternal Contract

#10 The Labyrinthine Library

#11 Servants of Death


Kufa Vampir

A Samurai class mana user who belongs to the Jack Raven Guild. He is dispatched as Melida's tutor. At the same time, he is under an order to assassinate her if she does not show any talent for mana. However, he will train Melida against the orders.

Melida Angel

She was born as a member of the Paladin, one of the three major aristocracies. However, she has no talent for mana. Despite all her hard work, people still treat her as an "incompetent and talentless girl".

Elise Angel

Melida's cousin and a Paladin class mana user. She has the highest mana affinity within the academy.

A quiet and expressionless girl.

Rosetti Pricket

An elite from the Crest Legion. A Maiden class mana user.

She is Elise's tutor.

Nerva Martillo

Melida's classmate. A Gladiator class mana user.

She often bullies Melida.

Mule la Mor

Born as a member of Diabolos, one of the major three aristocracies.

She is the same age as Melida but looks mature for her age.

Salacha Shicksal

Born as a member of Dragoon, one of the three aristocracies. She goes to the same school as Mule and is friends with her.

A quiet and timid girl.

Williams Gin

A young ghoul who belongs to the Grimface Guild. He fights with his bandage by using anima.


Head of the Jack Raven Guild. He was the one who appointed Kufa as Melida's tutor.


Kei Amagi (Story), Ninomotonino (Art)

Kazuya Aiura

Artists Voice
Yuki Ono as Kufa Vampir; Tomori Kusunoki as Melida Angel; Yui Ishikawa as Elise Angel; Marina Yabuuchi as Rosetti Pricket

Artists Opening
"Share the light" by Run Girls, Run!

Artists Ending
"Ijintachi no Jikan" by Melida Angel (CV: Tomori Kusunoki)


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