The Case Book of Arne Clear File – Arne and Lynn

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The Case Book of Arne Clear File – Arne and Lynn

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From the popular manga series “The Case Book of Arne” comes 2 new clear files! These files not only are very practical due to their size (A4 storage size), but also allow for a close appreciation of these beautiful illustrations.

About “The Case Book of Arne”

Lynn is a girl who got lost in a town where non-humans live. There, she met Arne, “the vampire detective”, with whom she joins hands to unfold the truth behind the strange incidents that take place in a world where humanity and the bizarre intersect. “The Case Book of Arne” is a full scale detective game set in a world where the supernatural runs rampant. It was created by Harumurasaki, who is also behind other indie games such as “Madjichiru” and “Rirurefu”. The game is being distributed as chapters and is available at the “Game Magazine” store (Japan) and on Steam (overseas). Chapter 2 (Case 2) was released on October 20th, 2020. A manga adaptation by Ina Soraho is being published monthly at Comic Gene. The third volume of the manga is scheduled to be released in Japan in February 2021.

Product size: Approx. H31cm×W22cm (A4 storage size)
Material: PP
Country of origin: Japan

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