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Summer 2018 Anime Awards

Fan-voted award by Anime Trending

16 Oct 2018

Anime fan website Anime Trending released the fan-polled results for Summer 2018 Anime Awards. 

Attack on Titan Season 3 and Angels of Death are big winners, with both series scooping a multitude of awards. Underrated sci-fi/mecha series Planet With also deservedly won an award. Continuing series from Spring, Steins;Gate 0, rounds up the list of season winners.

Check out a selection of winners below.

Anime of the Season: Attack on Titan Season 3 at #1


Anime of the Season: Angels of Death at #2


Anime of the Summer 2018: Top 10 Series


Favorite Action/Adventure Series: Attack on Titan Season 3


Favorite Sequel/New Season: Attack on Titan Season 3


Favorite Mystery/Psychological Series: Angels of Death


Favorite Male Character – Zack (Angels of Death)


Favorite Female Character – Historia (Attack on Titan Season 3)


Favorite ED: Pray (Angels of Death)


Favorite Mecha/Sci-Fi Series: Planet With


Favorite Leftover Series: Steins;Gate 0


For the full list of winners, visit Anime Trending Awards.

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Source: Anime Trending

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