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Restaurant to Another World on ANIPLUS

Simulcast details for Restaurant to Another World

26 Jun 2017
Restaurant to Another World Key Visual

Restaurant to Another World is premiering on ANIPLUS on 4th July, Tuesday at 02:05 / 01:05 (id/th)!


Restaurant to Another World is an adaptation of a web novel which was later acquired for print publication. You can check out more information about this anime here!


In the restaurant “Nekoya”, time and space is warped every seven days. The restaurant welcomes guests that are from ‘another world’, with different backgrounds, race, and lifestyle, as they come in from doors to the restaurant are spread around the other world. You will be able to see food that we are so used to in a different light.


There is a secret in a seemingly ordinary restaurant called “Nekoya”. Every Saturday when the shop takes a day off, it is teeming full of “special customers”. For the office workers, it is a familiar place with familiar dishes, but for these Saturday customers – “people from another world” – it is nothing but cuisine never seen or heard before.

Join us and have a good and hefty meal at Restaurant to Another World every Tuesday, 02:05 / 01:05 (id/th)!


ENCORE: Every Tue 23:00 / 22:00 (id/th)
Schedule may change without prior notice.

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