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PERSONA5 “Dark Sun…” 1-min First Look

Preview for upcoming year-end special

26 Dec 2018

The official Twitter for PERSONA5 the Animation posted the opening preview for the upcoming year-end special “Dark Sun…” Check it out.


PERSONA5 the Animation “Dark Sun…” premieres 1 Jan, Tue 23:30 [22:30 id/th].

The major news outlets have been reporting that the prime suspect for the leader of the Phantom Thieves, Ren, has allegedly committed suicide. Meanwhile, the members of the Phantom Thieves continue to covertly mobilize. In order to discover the true culprit behind everything and change their heart, the team sets off to infiltrate the Palace and steal the Treasure from a new target.

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Source: PERSONA5 Twitter

(C)ATLUS (C)SEGA/PERSONA5 the Animation Project