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Attack on Titan 2 Special Interview Vol.2

Interview with Koizuka Masashi, Director of AOT2

11 Mar 2017
Attack on Titan 2 Interview

And we are back with another interview with a staff behind the production of Attack on Titan 2 that is coming to ANIPLUS on April 2, 2017!

As we count down to the premiere of Attack on Titan Season 2, ANIPLUS will be bringing to you exclusive interviews from the people behind this action-packed anime! Stay tuned to find out more about the staffs’ opinions on the production, and what they have to say about your favourite anime.

Stay tuned to our site for more information and surprises that are waiting for you!

Second in this series of special interviews features the Director for Attack on Titan 2, Koizuka Masashi.

Attack on Titan Season 2 will premiere on ANIPLUS on 2 April 2017, 18:00 / 17:00 (id/th).

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