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Anime in myLife Grand Prize Winner 2016

Our Grand Prize winner of 2016 went to AnimeJapan 2017!

26 Apr 2017

Our Anime in myLife Grand Prize Winner 2016, Rei Lim, went to Anime Japan 2017 in March!

Check out the video and see how much fun she had in Japan!

Rei Lim’s submissions were electone covers of popular songs, from anime to vocaloid. You can see them in her channel, or see them in our Anime in myLife Page!

Anime in myLife 2017 is currently happening and we have TWO grand prizes! The 1st burst’s grand prize winner will be going to Universal Studio Japan for Attack on Titan The Ride! The 2nd and 3rd burst grand prize winner, on the other hand, will be going to AFA 2017 in Singapore!

So what are you waiting for?

Join Anime in myLife now!

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