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Country: Singapore
Winx Club x Attack On Titan Crossover #1

I have always loved the ideas of crossovers, both of which still retains the original styles individually yet is different in terms of the way they are presented. Bloom (The main character from Winx Club) is a brave and strong girl who had suffered from the pain of losing both her parents (A similarity to Attack On Titan's main character, Eren Yeager) thus I had the idea of combining these two fandoms together, and I have written a fanfiction of this crossover which I will upload in the writing section of the contest ^^ This drawing is a representation of how Bloom would look like with the survey corps uniform. Using her look in the recent seasons of Winx Club, I am able to design her costume (the inner shirt) and just include the outer jacket. Also her hair is tied up in a high ponytail with side swept bangs (I had wanted to give her shorter hair as per AOT's female character as long hair may cause accidents while using the ODMG gear, however, I wanted her to retain her style, thus dropped the idea) I have also gave her a power pose, more of her pose in Winx Club series, but it is also somewhat similar to AOT's fighting poses. The most important part of her look is her eyes, as I kept her eyes from her look, which was to show determination, another similar aspect of Eren Yeager's personality as well. These two characters really do have a lot in common regardless of backstory, or their personality.