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Alec Egido
Country: Philippines
Turning Anime into Reality

Greetings! Im Alec, a Cosplay Photographer from the Philippines. I have always loved anime ever since I was young, like 90's young. To this date I am always up-to date on what's new in Anime and Manga. Then I have started to endeavor in the world of Photography 3 years ago. Now I have the means to bring to life the Anime Characters that I love! I'm what you call a Visionary in the field of Cosplay Photography in the Philippines coz I never settle for something simple as a convention shot. I Envision my Cosplay Photography as one that takes the Anime character out of the Anime it's from and bring it to life. I have tried out many techniques and I'm still learning more to further my skill for the love of my Passion for Anime! I hope you guys can feel my burning passion (lol) for anime though my works which you may see here ( Thanks!