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Eva Noctis
Country: Singapore
This is the Public Safety Bureau ! ! You’re under arrest ! !

Been a huge of Psycho-Pass eve since it aired, I have cosplayed as Kougami for more than four time & I will still continue cosplaying as him. Psycho-Pass is an unique anime that sucks you into it's world from the start like a black-hole, the storyline, characters, background settings all beyond of using words to describe how beautiful it was made. The anime itself also reflect on how the characters' developments & their own personality makes you love or hate certain of them as the story unfolds gives more questions than answers of the suspense of the mixture of crime solving & sinister truth . . . I highly recommend this anime to everyone & even thought some might not have the slightest interest, just watching the first episode might have a change of mind. Looking forward to that possible third season of Psycho-Pass