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Country: Singapore

Medium: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 App: SketchBookX Duration: 3 months ------- Artist's note: This piece started as a way for me to break out of my art block. I was looking for a fictional character to draw and a friend responded for me to draw Sinon. I have watched SAO, and while I loved the first and fourth arcs the most, I loved the character designs and the costumes in GGO. Sinon's arc is a journey of her determination to break out of the struggles of her trauma. She lives alone, and keeps most of her feelings and thoughts to herself. GGO was to her what therapy is to most mental patients. But at the end of it all, having Kirito helped her through; she finally had someone she could be sincere with, and having someone to hear her out helped her break out of her insecurities. Don't keep everything to yourself or you will implode. Seek help from friends or a professional before the mental stress breaks you. ------- ellibaki@tumblr