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Country: Singapore
Rensouhou-chan and err…. someone with a lewd smile? 

Having played the game and watched the anime the image of Shimakaze got stuck in my head for some odd reason and this went on for weeks prior to the anime release. So there I was in my classroom listening to my lessons as usual, being the obedient student I was ( hehe ), and when our teacher gave us a break, I picked up my pencil and started drawing a doughnut ( I was hungry ). Suddenly I realized I had drawn something that resembled a life buoy was about to scribble it off when Rensouhou-chan came to mind. One of those cute adorable mechanical yet feline companions of Shimakaze. "To heck with it, might as well draw it all out" I said to myself... and here is how it looked like at the end of 15mins ( Sorry, I'm not very proficient at this ). As for the character at the bottom.... a friend of mine introduced to me this anime called Freezing. I was interested in how the illustrator Mr Kim Kwang Hyun used expressions like this to erm... display the erm....excellent "plot" in the story :P