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Filipinos are the most number of community of otaku we were started on anime program blocks in different free TV networks (ABS-CBN, GMA and 5) which kids are going home early from school to watch some favorite anime in weekday afternoons and Friday night at 7:30pm but the Filipino anime community has changed because of the birth of anime networks but i've managed to watch anime for the long period of time thanks to my subscription on my cable provider, therefore after my family cut our cable subscription, they decided to go back to basic with a different twist, I heard that Aniplus is now on digital terrestrial so I'm in! I bought a digital receiver box with a free subscription for 1 year so I enjoy watching most of my favorite anime like Darling in the FRANXX and Idolmaster Series. so I'm very confident of my anime fan.
Country: Philippines
Pinoy Anime fan at its finest