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Anime, you magnificent bastard. When will you stop tugging at my heartstrings? If you're not busy satisfying my quirky brand of humor, you're slicing onions within the immediate vicinity, or unknowingly injecting my veins with a gallon of adrenalin with every epic fight scene you can come up with. Yeah, sure, you've had your own whacked moments, but haven't we all? That's what makes you so beautiful. You turn the surreal into something people from all walks of life can relate to as real. You give your followers an outlet for their creativity, a means to express their emotions, something to hold on to. You're not just a hobby, a craft, a movement. You are a lifestyle, and I seriously cannot imagine a world of today without your influence. You've grown from something meant for kids into a powerful tool of interpretation. So whatever jeer or mockery comes your way, do not be deterred. You have a world of fans backing you up. Don't stop being amazing. Thank you so much. #AnimeInMyLife
Joma Israel Laza
Country: Philippines
One hobby, a million ways to express it