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Ralph Carlo Dimanalata
Country: Philippines
Omuraizu : My White Day

Me and my friends made this for white day this year. Since Anime influenced almost all of my works, I'll share one on Aniplus. This is just PV and we will not develop a game after this. Enjoy watching guys~!!

A simple PV featuring these girls who are about to celebrate White day

Translations here
(Deredere) Satsuki: Picture, picture! I like beautiful things.

(Dandere) Reishi: I'm not picky with places. Library or museum? Well, as long as I'm with you.

(Deredere) Aoi: Let's play! Kuma-san wants to spend time with you too! See, see?

(Kamidere) Erie: Silly boy! I am your girlfriend so you should only look at me, right?

(Himedere) Rei: You shouldn't keep a girl like me waiting! Well anyway, shall we proceed to our date?

(Tsundere) Iori: I guess you'll do. It's not like I wanted to spend time with you or anything. Well, are we going or not? You didn't even bought me a gift!

(Kuudere) Tsubaki: You're late. No helping it, huh? Well, where do you want to take me anyway?