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Country: Indonesia
Kantai Collection Mamiya Cafe!

Hello! I'm Irfan Dhafirwan from Jakarta, Indonesia. I Love Anime since maybe 5 years ago. First Anime i watch is Naruto and Bleach. Around May 2012, i started cosplay and my first cosplay character is Kagamine Len from Vocaloid. And around January 2013, i changed my hobby to cosplay photography until now. And recently, i now working as Cosplay Cafe Consultant in South Jakarta and June 14, 2015 ago, i and my friends managed Kantai Collection Mamiya Cafe. With help from my friend which also like and love Kantai Collection Anime, that cafe is a huge success! Besides Kantai Collection, i also success managed Love Live Cosplay Cafe 1 year ago    Here is the photo with all cast / kanmusu and all staff who helped me make this event success!