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Rei Lynn
Country: Malaysia
Cosplay Photography Workshop

Cosplay Photography Workshop with cool techniques to create super powers for your cosplayers.
I did a short video capturing what happened in the workshop. We learned quite a few cool tricks too but they are all quite advance.

Watch till the end to see a Reiko do a neat little trick using manual photo techniques!
Thanks for watching!

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The editing seemed rather a bit jumpy and retarded because I used the iphone's low-profile and very hidden internal app that auto edits your videos and photos.
I had to fix the rough bits and enhance it in post using Adobe Premiere.
Cosplayer: Reiko Yee
Photographer & Instructor: Michael Chee
Organiser: Cosplay Corner
Collaborators: SONY, A.S.K.
Official Studio: Cupcat Studio
Media Partners: Otoko Studio
Venue: Sony, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara