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Michelle Lim
Country: Singapore
Best character in my life.

This is just a simple coloured drawing that I did 2 years back of Cardcaptor Sakura. Might just be an ordinary magical girl show for kids but since young I have adapted many values from this show. Sakura has been one of the anime characters that really changed my life. She really taught me how to have courage and to believe in everything that I do, and this has been following me through my growing years. Especially the phrase she always says "Everything's going to be alright." It just helps me get through all the bad times in my life and to be optimistic. Anime has really been an important and precious addition to my life and I hope to learn and take in all the little things that Anime has taught me to grow and become a better person :) I would'nt know what to do if I did'nt have Anime in my life @_@