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Mary Grace Ocoy
Country: Philippines
AOT Face Paint

Konnichiwa! I'm a 26-year-old mom and same as you I love anime and everything and anything that revolves around it. So one day while I was profoundly typing away my review of the recently released Attack on Titan live action and for having seen the movie just the day before, I got a good boost of my otakuness level. Writing a review wasn't just enough! So I grabbed some face paints and for grueling an hour and a half, with some strokes here and there and viola! I got a creepy (or rather funny?!) look of a titan. Poor barbie for being eaten my titan mom. My little girl panicked upon seeing me and it took me a few hours to convince her I was her mom. Though the best part was, she agreed to dress-up as a baby-titan for halloween. (Sugoi! Got myself a future otaku daughter!) Rock on and happy anime-ing!