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Country: Singapore
[ANIPLUS] Omnimon Speed Drawing + ButterFly Electone Performance

This video is uploaded for the ANIMEINMYLIFE competition hosted by ANIPLUS. It consists of me speed drawing an original fanart of Omnimon as well as an Electone Performance played and arranged by me. Music input by me as well. At the end, there is a snapshot of my completed drawing. This video is dedicated to all Digimon Fans    WHY I CHOOSE DIGIMON FOR THIS COMPETITION?  Digimon was the first anime I watched since young and was completely enthralled by its awesome soundtracks and animation, beautiful watercolour background, flawless character development and impactful story plot.   Moreover, it inculcates and imparts values along the journey through the Digicrest.(Crest of courage, friendship, love, etc)  I also chose Digimon to commemorate its 15th Anniversary, held in conjunction with the theatrical release of Digimon Adventure Tri.     I hope you guys can support me and vote for me! Thank you!!  :)