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Anime has been an influence in my life for as long as I could remember. I remember the first anime that I’ve watched when I was five, was the ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ anime series. Back then, it was shown on AXN by the old MegaTV WITHOUT any subtitles! (Lol)
Yet, because the storylines and characters were so engaging and spellbinding, my siblings and I ended up loving the series without even knowing what the story was about or what the characters were saying, until few years later!
Since then, my passion for anime have skyrocketed, as well as my deep love for Japan. I’d decided to become an animator and created my own anime.
I worked extremely hard on becoming an Otaku as well as understanding Japan and it’s culture, despite some of my friend’s sneer remarks.
My family was surprisingly very supportive of my passion and interest in anime. At the same time however, they had sternly reminded me not to neglect my studies.
At the age of 15, I begun to draw and plotting a story for my anime. I even made a dialogue format to make it easier for me to draw.
After completed my high school studies, I’d enrolled to an Art school with a high hope that my dreams of becoming an animator blossomed even more now that I was about to become a college Art student.
At long last, reality finally kicked in when I’d discovered my passion to become an animator was not enough when I couldn’t even draw perfectly no matter how hard I’d strive. I was struggling until to the point of breaking down.
Finally decided that my style of drawing was not meant for animation, I ended up switching my course to Fine Arts, and excelled in it.
Yet, even after I’ve completed and earned my Diploma in Fine Arts, my thoughts would always run back to anime and my childhood dreams of creating my own anime. It was then when I’ve decided that I couldn’t become an animator for my own anime, I still want to achieve that dream no matter what. And so, I turned to passion to writing and created a book.
When one door closed, another one opens.
True to the saying, I realised I could make my dreams into a reality by creating it using another form.
It taken me nearly ten and half years to finally have a proper and solid storyline for my novel. With lots of patients when it comes for editing, in the process over years.
Aside from that, I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my true passion when it comes to writing and anime.
Although I am still in the process of re- editing my final drafts and hoping to find a good publisher soon, I would always forever be grateful to the anime world for allowing me to be apart of them.
Here’s a famous saying by the titular character from the series Naruto:
“Failing doesn’t give you a reason to give up as long as you believe.”

Country: Malaysia
How The Anime World Inspired Me To Become A Writer