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Country: Singapore
Anime is Life

Although I only started being into anime 3 years ago, I have since let it take over my life. This collage represents how much I love anime and what I do with my love and passion for anime :D In this 3 year span of living the anime life, I attended many concerts ie. anime piano concerts, AFA 2014 concert and the upcoming Egoist concert too! I attend as many anime conventions I can too... like AFA, Anime Matsuri, STGCC, anime EOY etc... XD I spend a lot of money on various merchandise like CDs, DVDs, pillows, hats, manga books, fan art books, character books, badges, files, keychains, cards, bags, card stickers, puzzles and bags. I started learning Japanese a year ago, me and my friends created an anime band too~! I play anime piano pieces... and I draw too! *-* I am really active on many social medias, uploading anime photos, reviewing chapters and participate in anime forums! (~*-*)~I really love anime!~(*-*~)