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Attack On Titans is the first anime I've ever watched and thus it holds a special place in my heart. It was the anime which got me started on the path of being an okatu. It was also that anime which totally changed my perspective of how I view anime in the past. To put it simply, Attack On Titan has already became a part of my life and I just can't explain how much I love it and how big of a fan I am.
Honestly, I used to dislike anime somewhat because of the fangirls in my class, I thought anime was as annoying as the fangirls are. The main reason was I hated how the voices sound in animes, thinking that they were annoying and noisy, especially the female voices. (I think the first random anime I saw really was terrible, but idk, I totally forgotten what anime it was haha) This thinking was actually really dumb and superficial and I have no idea why I had such dumb thinking at that time lmao, but I definitely did not see myself actually becoming a huge fan of one at that time. Looking back, I really am surprised at how far I have came from then.
It was roughly about two years ago, I stumbled upon one issue of Attack On Titan's manga in the library and I decided to read it. I have no idea why but it was mostly the cover which attracted my attention. After I read that one book, which was somewhere in the starting of the entire series, I was mesmerized by how the story goes, the plot was simply amazing and I had already fallen in love with some of the characters. I obviously loved the art style as well .
From then onwards, I have went to different libraries to borrow the mangas from chapter 1 and slowly reading them in school daily. My classmates were shocked to see how obsessed I was with reading it as they always knew I had that dislike towards mangas and animes.
In the process of reading the manga, I actually found out Attack On Titans has an anime series and I couldn't control myself and started watching them.
In a short period of time, I have already became a huge fan of it without myself realizing.
When Attack On Titans season 1 ended, I really didn’t know what to do anymore. I had already read all the manga I could find and I couldn’t afford to get the newer ones on physical copy. I know I just have to watch other animes as well. The feeling of dislike towards anime was soon replaced by feelings of obsession, admiration and basically, love. XD
Some animes I started watching after Attack On Titan was Death Note, Parasyte and Sailor Moon. Those were a few of my favorites, and afterwards I actually went to Aniplus Tv and watched whatever anime they were showing there and if I liked it, I would search online to start chasing the entire series as well.
A few weeks earlier, I found out that Attack On Titan Season 2 was coming out and I was overjoyed! (I know the news was released a long time ago but somehow I didn’t know it earlier xD) From then, I anticipated the return of my beloved anime series, and what was even better was that Aniplus Tv was holding a special screening event and I was overjoyed for a second time. I quickly registered asap when I found out. I even asked my close friend who I met over anime and then became close friends in real life as well (another reason anime blessed my life XD) to the event as well.
On that day of the screening, my mom decided to come along as well and I have no idea why but she never was interested in anime as well, however, after she watched the two hours of Attack On Titans with me she herself was also attracted to it as well, just not as crazy or obsessed like I am.
It was honestly my first anime event, I always had the urge to go and my friend persuaded me a lot of times to go to such events but as I have social anxiety, I refused every single time, but this time, it was Attack On Titans, I can't miss it for the world!
I wore an Attack On Titan hoodie to the event on that day. I expected myself to really freak out at the event, but I was surprisingly just excited as hell and wanted more than anything to go inside and watch the screening of episode 1 as soon as I arrived.
I collected my Attack On Titan files and freebies afterwards and I was really really happy, I mean, those items were my first Attack On Titan merchandise (apart from the hoodie as it was not an official merch) and I really treasured them afterwards, not using them for school after the event or anything, I kept them safely and nicely, making sure that they will not get creased or lost.
Then, I went to take photos with the standees of the characters after I did that, I took a whole lot of photos even though I really hated how I look then, but I really took a lot of photos xD
Before the screening of episode 1, they played three specials of the Attack On Titan anime and it was my first time watching them in a comfortable seat with really cold aircon, really really huge screen and everything just feels different than when you were watching them on your phone screen. The fighting scenes were more excitable, I could see my favourite character's faces two times bigger XD.
Episode 1 of season 2 was just amazing, I was blown away, after all I have waited more than a year for it and to see it in such a huge wide screen and comfortable environment was basically a blessing.
After the screening was over, I actually took advantage of the leaving crowd to take even better photos with the standees, I was so shameless and I didn’t cared at that moment, I just needed a photo with all of the standees. I asked them if I could move all the standees to one side so I can take a huge photo with all of them. That was how much I loved Attack On Titans. I am not exaggerating at all xD
I have just written how I came to love anime after watching Attack On Titans and I really really wish that I will really get the chance to go on a trip to Universal Studios Japan to experience Attack On Titan in real life for myself! It would be the best thing that ever happened to me if I do get to go!
I have so much else to say but I didn’t want to write too long so I just written the important details xD

Country: Singapore
How anime became my life