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Country: Indonesia
アニメの?持ち (Anime Sensation) by Austein

Live like you mean it, Love like you feel it, and that's how I love Anime in My Life    This video is for Aniplus Anime In My Life Competition.     I was born from a world which anime is a stereotypically only for kids. However, during my life, I really can feel that anime is not only change my life gets better, but also I love that it can be something I can be proud of.     Special thanks to AEVO Project's Darwis Triadi Digital Studio Photography Surabaya for the awesome studio for location shoot.       Thank you for watching, Tanoshinde Kudasai!    Austein       Ps: The video on the last part is the advertisement of aniplus which broadcasted through the TV and Youtube, courtesy of Aniplus. The idea is to show that I'm watching the aniplus channel at the end of the video. Please let me know if there's a problem with it, and I will change it to something else.