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Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Episodes: 13

Rated: Rated PG

Fukami Touko's family runs a glass-working business in a small seaside town named Hinodehama. During her summer break, she meets a transfer student named Okikura Kakeru, who claims that a voice from the future has led him to her.

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#1 Fireworks
#2 Bench
#3 Utility Tank
#4 Steep Road
#5 Hinode Bridge
#6 Punch
#7 Bicycle
#8 Snow
#9 Moon
#10 Jonathan
#11 Piano
#12 Fireworks (Again)
#13 Shooting Star


Fukami Touko

The daughter of a glass workshop owner and dreams of becoming a glass artisan. She is cheerful and loves to draw. When focused on glass, she can view images from the future.

Okikura Kakeru

A mysterious and aloof student who transferred to Touko's school in his third year. He can see images of the future similar to Touko.

Imi Yukinari

A cool and laid-back boy who is Takayama Yanagi's stepbrother and is on his high school's track team

Nagamiya Sachi

A quiet and soft-spoken third year student who likes reading books. She loves Touko like a sister and is very protective of her.

Yanagi Takayama

A usually cheerful girl who is taking lessons on how to be a model. Stepsister of Yukinari and is part of the group of friends Toko meets.

Shirosaki Hiro

A cheerful boy who is always seen smiling. His grandfather is the owner of the café "Kazemichi" where he and his friends often gather.


Artists Opening
"Natsu no Hi to Kimi no Koe" by ChouCho

Artists Ending
"Toumei na Sekai" by nano.RIPE

Artists Voice
Fukugawa Seria as Fukami Touko; Osaka Ryota Osaka as Okikura Kakeru; Shimazaki Nobunaga as Imi Yukinari; Taneda Risa as Nagamiya Sachi; Hayami Saori as Takayama Yanagi; Yamashita Daiki as Shirosaki Hiro

Horikawa Kenji

Takeshita Miki


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