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  • Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Movie Sneak Peek

    Special footage of the sequel movie revealed

    Following the live-action film of Tokyo Ghoul, special footage of the sequel Tokyo Ghoul [S] (which will go on cinemas 19 July in Japan) has been revealed. The footage features […]

  • Tokyo Ghoul 2 Movie Stills

    New still reveals new Toka

    The upcoming live-action movie adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul 2 has released a new still, this time featuring Ken Kaneki together with an all-new Toka Kirishima.

  • Tokyo Ghoul Movie Sequel in 2019!

    With comments from the cast

    A sequel to the live-action movie Tokyo Ghoul (2017) will be produced and is set to be released in Japan in 2019. Kobuchi Masataka will reprise his role as protagonist [...]

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