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  • DECA-DENCE Synopsis

    Witness Natsume and Kaburagi's way of life in the new future!

    DECA-DENCE Episode 11, “engine“ will premiere on 16 September, 24:00 [23:00 id/th]. Encores are on every Thursday, 18:00 [17:00 id/th] and Friday, 21:00 [20:00 id/th].

  • Your Favourite Ai Kayano Role?

    Happy Birthday Kayanon!~

    13 September is Ai Kayano‘s birthday! Kayano debuted as a seiyuu in 2010, and was awarded the Best New Actress Award during the 6th Seiyuu Awards. In 2020, she has taken up […]

  • Demon King Academy Synopsis

    Witness the way of the Demon King of Atrocity!

    The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 11 “The Light of Life” will premiere on 12 September, 24:00 [23:00 id/th]. Encores are on every Saturday 20:30 [19:30 id/th] and Monday […]

  • Fire Force Season 2 Synopsis

    Stay hot on the trail of Company 8's battle!

    Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11, “Dark Hero“ will premiere on 11 September, 02:10 [01:10 id/th]. Encores are on every Saturdays 20:30 [19:30 id/th] and Mondays 18:00 [17:00 id/th]!

  • Shield Hero Season 2 in 2021!

    We can't wait to see Naofumi, Raphtalia and Filo again!~

    It has been announced that the second season of The Rising of The Shield Hero will premiere in 2021! A new visual, teaser video and main staff have been revealed as […]

  • Princess Connect! Re: Dive S2 Announced!

    Yabai desu ne!~☆

    Troubling news! A second season of Princess Connect! Re: Dive has been announced! Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Teaser Visual

  • DECA-DENCE Episode 5.5: Install

    Now there's no excuse for you to not catch up on the series!

    Many still have their doubts about DECA-DENCE, or some just do not have the time. Yes, you right there! We have prepared a special summary episode, Episode 5.5, just for […]

  • The Promised Neverland Season 2 Teaser

    Looking forward to 2021!

    The teaser visual for the second season of The Promised Neverland has been revealed. The manga by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu, serialized on Weekly Shonen Jump, concluded on June […]

  • Miss Kobayashi Returns with KyoAni

    Maji yabakune? 2021!!

    It has been announced that the second season of the TV anime of Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon by coolkyousinnjya will premiere in 2021.The title of the second season will be […]

  • Iwa Kakeru!: Climbing Girls PV Revealed

    Climbing to the top with a wholesome female cast!

    Upcoming sports anime Iwa Kakeru!: Climbing Girls is slated for a October 2020 broadcast. The teaser PV has also been revealed with the announcement. Additional cast—Yukari Tamura, Mikako Komatsu and […]

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