Rising against all odds, this is our SAGA!

Reignite your passion for life and music with Zombie Land Saga X ANIPLUS as we present a variety of experiences – from a special themed interior, curated collaboration menu, to exclusive premiums, merchandise and imported official goods from Japan – for all to enjoy.

Celebrate the legendary zombie idols with the very first Zombie Land Saga collaboration cafe outside of Japan!

We want to live…!

The life of ordinary schoolgirl Sakura Minamoto, who dreams of becoming an idol, comes to an abrupt end as she is hit by a speeding truck.

She wakes up with no memory of her past, and finds out that she and six other girls from various eras of Japanese history have been brought back to life as zombies, by a strange man named Kotaro Tatsumi.

The seven girls form a zombie-idol group named Franchouchou, with the goal to revitalize the Saga Prefecture.

Where anime, comic and games meet lifestyle

ANIPLUS café is a concept store that combines the “Collaboration Café” concept from Japan with an official merchandise store.

Integrating anime, comic and games (ACG) with lifestyle and dining, ANIPLUS café is the one-stop destination for ACG enthusiasts to enjoy and experience their favourite works in various forms, all in one place. At ANIPLUS café, we are dedicated to bringing fans together to share the passion for Japanese anime and pop culture.