An Otherworldly Experience

Embark on an exciting comic adventure with Isekai Quartet X ANIPLUS as we take you into a whole new world with an Isekai classroom-themed interior, premium school cafeteria menu, and not to forget – exclusive souvenirs, merchandise and imported official goods from Japan. High school has never been this fun!

Press the button and get cosy with your new school mates from the various worlds, in the very first Isekai Quartet collaboration café outside of Japan!

Worlds collide with the push of a red button

It was an ordinary day like any other, until a mysterious red button appeared before the characters of Overlord, KonoSuba, Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World, and The Saga of Tanya the Evil, in their respective worlds. Overcome by curiosity, the otherworldly characters push the button and find themselves teleported into another parallel world – where they get stuck in class?! Just when they thought the surprise was over, new transfer students from Shield Hero appear at the door.

Now, let the show begin.

Where anime, comic and games meet lifestyle

ANIPLUS café is a concept store that combines the “Collaboration Café” concept from Japan with an official merchandise store.

Integrating anime, comic and games (ACG) with lifestyle and dining, ANIPLUS café is the one-stop destination for ACG enthusiasts to enjoy and experience their favourite works in various forms, all in one place. At ANIPLUS café, we are dedicated to bringing fans together to share the passion for Japanese anime and pop culture.