Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Celebrate yet another exciting year filled with music and friendships at the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! X ANIPLUS collaboration café! It’s back better than ever, with a whole new BanG Dream! themed interior, specially curated menu, and not to forget – exclusive souvenirs, merchandise and imported official goods from Japan.

Join the members from all 6 girl-bands as they continue to chase their dreams ♪

A new generation girls band project, bringing together animated characters and real live concerts.

Just like the sparkling sound “Star Beat” that she heard while looking up at the starry skies when she was young, Kasumi Toyama has been searching for something that would excite and make her heart go pit-a-pat. After getting into high school, Kasumi comes across a star-shaped guitar in an old pawnshop. This fateful discovery evokes the emotions that have been locked up within her. Teaming up with four other girls who, like Kasumi, dream of a place that can make them shine, Kasumi and her friends work towards realising their musical dreams.

Where anime, comic and games meet lifestyle

ANIPLUS café is a concept store that combines the “Collaboration Café” concept from Japan with an official merchandise store.

Integrating anime, comic and games (ACG) with lifestyle and dining, ANIPLUS café is the one-stop destination for ACG enthusiasts to enjoy and experience their favourite works in various forms, all in one place. At ANIPLUS café, we are dedicated to bringing fans together to share the passion for Japanese anime and pop culture.