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Silver Spoon

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Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Episodes: 11

Rated: Rated 13

After failing to pass the entrance examination for the high school he plans to attend, mild-mannered student Hachiken Yuugo moves away from his suburban lifestyle and enrolls at Ooezo Agricultural High School in the countryside. As he struggles to appreciate his surroundings, Hachiken hopes to discover his dreams, so that he may lead a fulfilling life on his own terms.

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#1 Welcome to Ezo Agricultural
#2 Hachiken Rides a Horse
#3 Hachiken Meets Pork Bowl
#4 Hachiken Bakes Pizza
#5 Hachiken Runs Off
#6 Hachiken Goes to Stay With the Mikages
#7 Hachiken Goes to Giga Farm
#8 Hachiken Makes a Huge Mistake
#9 Hachiken Hesitates Over Pork Bowl
#10 Hachiken Says Goodbye to Pork Bowl
#11 Take Off Running, Hachiken


Hachiken Yuugo

Yuugo is a first-year student at Ezo Agriculture High School who's from Sapporo. He is unable to refuse when someone asks him for help, and this gives him lots of work. He usually takes care of work given to him but sometimes it's more than he can handle.

Mikage Aki

Aki is also a first-year student at Ezo who is social and friendly. As the only child of a farm family, she entered Ezo Agriculture High School for her future. She raises cows and horses, and loves horses.

Komada Ichiro

Ichiro is a first-year student at Ezo, who's a member of the baseball team. He looks cold but is polite. After graduation, he plans to inherit his family's farm. Ichiro is childhood friends with Aki.

Tokiwa Keiji

As the first son of the family who runs a chicken farm, Keiji entered Ezo to carry on his family business. He finds studying difficult and often causes trouble.

Inada Tamako

Tamako is a girl from a wealthy family that runs a big industrial farm. She's obsessed with money and her goal is to take over her father's position (the president of the farm). When she's thin, her looks changes and she becomes beautiful.

Aikawa Shinnosuke

Aiming to become a vet after graduation, Shinnosuke entrolled at Exo Agricultural High School. But he tends to faint at the sight of blood. Also he's a member of the Holstein Club.


Artists Opening
"kiss you" by miwa

Artists Ending
"Hello Especially" by Sukima Switch

Artists Voice
Kimura Ryohei as Hachiken Yuugo; Miyake Marie as Mikage Aki; Sakurai Tooru as Komaba Ichiro; Shoji Masayuki as Tokiwa Keiji; Takagi Ayahi as Inada Tamako; Shimazaki Nobunaga as Aikawa Shinnosuke

Ito Tomohiko

Nakai Jun


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