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Oreimo 2


Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Episodes: 13

Rated: NC16

Kirino is back from her trip to America, but the fun doesn't stop here! In the second season of Oreimo, Kyosuke continues to give Kirino life consultations. This time, romance lurks on the horizon for both siblings...

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Kousaka Kyosuke

Protagonist. A normal high school student. He likes simple and general things but sometimes shows strong will. He was nearly ignored by his sister Kirino but with certain instances, he has started to be her "life consultation".

Kousaka Kirino

Protagonist. Kyosuke's sister. A middle school girl with brown hair. A top student at school but is pretty enough to be a model on fashion magazines. She is alost an ace in the sports club with perfect physical ability, yet, she is an otaku who is in love with animations and games.


She meets Kirino in an off-line community called "For all Otaku girls". In case of club activities or personal blogs, she is more of an otaku than Kirino.

Virgina Saori

She is the manager of the otaku community "For all Otaku girls". She's 180 cm tall and wears a typical otaku fashion with a big scarf on her hair, thick glasses, and checkered-patterned shirt with pants.

Tamura Minami

Kyosuke's childhood friend. Middle in school and her hobby is cooking and needle work. She is gentle and gives a good first impression. She has pretty much the opposite characteristics compared to Kirino.

Arakagi Ayase

Kirino's classmate. She is in good terms with Kirino since she is also a model in a fashion magazine. She is bright and polite but has ups and downs in her personality.

Kurusu Kanako

Kirino's classmate. She is small and has twin tails. She is not afraid of things and has to speak out what's in her mind. But with special gift?!

Akagi Sena

Same grader with Kuroneko and is a member of the Game Study Club. She has superior game playging techniques and is Kouhei's sister, one of Kyosuke's friend.


Artists Opening
"reunion" by ClariS

Artists Ending
"Kanjou-sen loop" by Kousaka Kirino

Artists Voice
Nakamura Yuuichi as Kousaka Kyousuke; Taketatsu Ayana as Kousaka Kirino; Hanazawa Kana as Kuroneko; Nabatame Hitomi as Virgina Saori; Hayami Saori as Aragaki Ayase; Tamura Yukari as Kurusu Kanako; Ise Mariya as Akagi Sena

Kanbe Hiroyuki

Kanzaki Hiro


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Oreimo 2 vs Nisekoi 2


Please air oreimo season 1 in the Philippines ASAP because i never watch season 1 before. Thanks...


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