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Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 11

Rated: PG13

Hazuki Ryousuke is a young man whose heart has been stolen away, stopping by the local floral shop daily in order to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Shimao Rokka, the shop's owner. In hopes of getting close to her, he decides to get a part-time job at the shop, but before he is able to make his move, he runs into a major roadblock: in her apartment dwells a ghost who claims to be Rokka's deceased husband.

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Hazuki Ryousuke

Hazuki Ryousuke is a young man with poor eyesight who decided to work at a flower shop after he falls for the owner, Rokka. He has the ability to see the spirit of Rokka's dead husband, Atsushi. One day, Hazuki was drunk and agreed to lend his body. Then, he became a spirit like Atsushi was before, and only Atsushi (with Hazuki's body) can see his spirit...

Shimao Rokka

Shimao Rokka is a flower shop owner and widow who still grieves for her deceased husband, Atsushi. Ever since Atsushi died three years ago, she has been unable to move on with her life and had given up on love. However, after Atsushi possesses Hazuki's body, Atsushi convinces her to fall in love with Hazuki...

Shimao Atsushi

Shimao Atsushi is Rokka's deceased husband. His spirit was lingering in the floral shop and Rokka's apartment when Hazuki met Rokka. Only Hazuki can see him, and Atsushi steals Hazuki's body why he was drunk…

Shimao Miho

Shimao Miho is Atsushi's sister and Rokka's sister in-law. She helps out at the flower shop, usually when Rokka is unavailable to work…


Artists Opening
"See You" by Matsushita

Artists Ending
"Anata ni Deawanakereba ~Kasetsu Touka~" by Aimer

Artists Voice
Nakamaru Yuuichi as Hazuki Ryousuke; Ohara Sayaka as Shimao Rokka; Fukuyama Jun as Shimao Atsushi; Touma Yumi as Shimao Miho

Matsuo Kou

Taniguchi Junichirou


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