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Hello Jadoo

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 26
Duration: 12 mins
Rated: Rated G

Hello Jadoo is about a 9-year-old girl named Jadoo who is totally a tom boy, and there are 5 members in Jadoo's family. Of course Jadoo herself, Jadoo’s mom and dad, and her two younger siblings. Hello Jadoo is a comedy and it is based on family sitcom, which is all generations and all age groups can sympathize with, not only for children but also for any adults.

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Choi Ja-doo

A 10-year-old tomboy who is the main protagonist of the series. She is the eldest of all 3 siblings.

Gim Nan-hyang

Ja-doo's mom from Gyeonggi Korea and the main antagonist of the series. She always yells at Ja-doo for coming home with bruises every time she went out to play. Her favorite child is Seung-ki but despite that, she loves all 3 siblings.

Choi Ho-dol

Ja-doo's dad and a North Korean refugee from Pyongyang. He works as a manager and spends most of his salary on drinking. He often goes home drunk, which angers Ja-doo's mom.

Choi Mi-mi

Ja-doo's 8-year-old sister and the middle child of the family. She is girlier and prettier than Ja-doo.

Choi Seung-ki

Ja-doo's 5-year-old brother and youngest of the family. A neat-freak. Always bullied by Ja-doo and Mi-mi because he has a lot of pocket money savings, which his sisters will sometime try to steal.


Original Author
Hello Jadoo( Lee Vin )

Animation Studio
Atoonz, Tooniverse

Son Seok-woo

Artists Voice
Yeo Min-jeong as Choi Ja-doo Yang Jeong-hwa as Gim Nan-hyang Choi Joon-young as Choi Ho-dol Jeong Yu-mi as Choi Mi-mi Kim Hyun-ji as Choi Seung-ki "Baby"


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